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One of a kind location, come and visit our warm tasting room. The regions only Certified Organic Vineyard, Orchard & Winery. The farm has been selling Certified Organic products since 2001 and producing the first Organic Wines since 2007! We have available four hand crafted hard ciders and five Estate produced wines. Please come visit and chat with our staff about Organic Agriculture and taste our products.

Organic Viticulture

The organic grower ojective is balance. Like the Hippocratic oath: First do no harm. The organic grower builds and maintains the soil and the bio-diversity in a natural, sustainable manner. Intuitively anything sprayed onto any crop will eventually end up in our bodies either directly or through the aquifer. Hopefully, the more natural the product the less it will impact the environment.

Conventional Farming

What we call conventional farming arose with the creation of man made products needed to increase yields to feed the world. What our fore fathers did in the 1700's would today be called "Organic" or "Biodynamic".

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Good Neighbor Organic Farming
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It's all about Organic Farming

Organic farming is a form of Agriculture that excludes the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth regulators, and genetically modified organisms (GMO). As far as possible, Organic farmers rely on crop rotation, green manure, compost, biological pest control and mechanical cultivation to maintain soil productivity and control pest.

We use pheromone disruption to confuse the male from finding females to mate and Kaolin clay to encapsulate fruit, making it difficult for pests to locate the fruit. We do not want to kill the pests (unless no alternative) rather, we want to confuse them and keep them from finding the fruit.

Good Neighbor Organic Vineyard and Winery is annually inspected and certified by Indiana Certified Organic (ICO) LLC who is licensed by the USDA.

The over arching goal of organic farming is defined as follows:

"The roll of organic agriculture, whether in farming, processing, distribution, consumption, is to sustain and enhance the health of the ecosystems and organisms from the smallest in the soil to the human beings"
- International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM) The Principles of Organic Agriculture Principles of Health.

Organic farming is a sub set of sustainable agriculture, the difference being that Organic implies Certification in accordance with legal standards and criteria for organic agriculture.


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